J-41 Scratchbuilt SAL DLG Plank RC Glider03:22

J-41 Scratchbuilt SAL DLG Plank RC Glider

J-41 Scratchbuilt SAL DLG Plank RC Glider Slope Soaring09:21

J-41 Scratchbuilt SAL DLG Plank RC Glider Slope Soaring

J-41 Scratchbuilt Plank Glider Soaring Tiny Slope03:14

J-41 Scratchbuilt Plank Glider Soaring Tiny Slope

  • 2013-08-24
  • Aircalcs3 - J-41 (SAL Plank)
  • First draft was KFm wing with pink foam fuse
  • Flew ok but was draggy due to KFm
  • Hot Wire cut pink foam cores with PW1211 Float airfoil
  • Fiberglassed with 2mm carbon rod spars top and bottom
  • Balsa fuse with arrow shaft tail
  • 5g servos
  • 750mAh 1s LiPo

For this plane I wanted to get as close to a real DLG as possible without vacuum bagging. For my first experiment I used a KFm airfoil and a sanded foam fuselage, just to make sure this design was worth the effort. It launched and flew well but the high-drag airfoil was definitely cutting the flight times short.

Next I cut some real wing cores using my drop-bar hot wire cutter, using the Peter Wick PW1211 "Float" airfoil. I embedded 1mm carbon rods top and bottom and covered the whole wing with 3/4oz fiberglass and water-based polyurethane. I didn't vacuum bag anything, just kind of brushed the glass down as tightly as I could with the WBPU. The result is very stiff but not very dent-resistant. The leading edge has gotten a little mangled just from catching it and a couple of light crashes. I think real epoxy and an extra layer of glass on the leading edge would have helped make this tougher.

The fuselage is a balsa box with a carbon arrow shaft epoxied in for the tail boom. The tail is made from Readiboard (Dollar Tree Foamboard), and I glassed the bottom edge where it scrapes the ground on landings. The launch peg is a popsicle stick epoxied in with a couple of extra layers of glass for reinforcement. This glider definitely floats nicely once it is up. It's kind of hard to get a good strong launch since the plane is so light. It's sort of like trying to throw a cotton ball. I tried adding 1/2oz of lead at the CG and it seemed to launch a little better, but I like it unballasted for maximum floating. The plane works beautifully on a slope with light wind.

My next step will be to remake the wing with epoxy and mylars for a smooth finish, either compressed inside the wing beds or vacuum bagged if I'm not too lazy. I also need to do something about the color...

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