J-40 Scratchbuilt SAL RC Flying Wing Glider02:15

J-40 Scratchbuilt SAL RC Flying Wing Glider

128 0214 J 40 With Motor00:38

128 0214 J 40 With Motor


CAM00137.mp4 J-40 With Motor

J-40 Scratchbuilt RC SAL Flying Wing Glider (Motor Added)01:21

J-40 Scratchbuilt RC SAL Flying Wing Glider (Motor Added)

  • 2013-05-27
  • Aircalcs3 - J-40 (SAL Wing)
  • Span: 40"
  • Weight: 6oz
  • Airfoil: PW1211 "Float"
  • Battery: 4 Cell AAA ~NiMH
  • Servos: HXT500
  • Pink foam cores
  • Tape covered
  • Worked well but tail was weak
  • CG was hard to get right
  • This glider was my attempt to make the best Side-Arm / Discus Launch glider I could make without all the difficult fiberglassing and carbon fiber layup that the serious planes have. I hot-wire cut some thin airfoils out of pink foam, then put in a carbon arrow shaft spar and some carbon strip spars for the wingtips. The whole thing was covered in packing tape and I added a tail (I don't have a picture of it). It flew really well once I got the CG just right, but the tail was a weak spot and eventually it broke off. I handed it off to Kevin and after a few tail redesigns he decided to throw a 3000kv Blue Wonder brushless on there and flew it powered a few times.
  • I think it was encouraging that I got such good gliding performance without difficult building techniques, and I will probably try similar designs again in the future.

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